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Dr. Sprinkler Repair specializes in irrigation sprinkler repair in the Reno NV  area. Our goal here at Dr. Sprinkler Repair Reno NV  is outstanding customer service and excellent communication with you about your sprinkler system.

We are licensed and insured, clean-cut, employees who look forward to making your lawn sprinklers run the way you want them to. Call (775) 387-0519  now to set up your individualized Dr. Sprinkler Repair of Reno NV  experience.

We cover:

LAWN SPRINKLER REPAIR For all of Reno NV  area (775) 387-0519Sprinkler Repair Reno nv
Replace nozzles
Replace sprinkler heads
Add lawn sprinkler heads
Replace solenoid valves
Replace a control timer
Repair a broken line
Reset sprinkler heads
Raise sprinkler heads in flower beds or behind shrubs
Install a rain sensor or moisture sensor
Install sprinkler valve box
Fix lawn dry spots
Lawn sprinkler winterization

DRIP IRRIGATION For all of Reno NV  area (775) 387-0519
Install garden irrigation
Add drip irrigation emitters to flower pots or shrub beds
Replace a drip irrigation filter
Replace a drip irrigation pressure regulator
Repair drip irrigation
Sprinkler Maintenance, Reno nv 89503
Sprinkler BACKFLOW VALVES For all of Reno NV  area (775) 387-0519
Install a backflow preventer
Perform a backflow test

SPRINKLER PLUMBING Repair For all of Reno NV  area (775) 387-0519
Replace a copper valve
Replace a shutoff valve
Install a main sprinkler shutoff valve
Replace a manifold
Stop and waste valve sprinkler system
Fix and Replace Back
Backflow preventer sprinkler system
Sprinkler WIRING Repair For all of Reno NV  area (775) 387-0519
Replace a transformer
Rewire the electric solenoid valves
Install low voltage control wiring
Fix Sprinkler Timer
Replace lawn sprinkler timer

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