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Dr. Sprinkler Repair’s licensed and insured sprinkler technicians work hard to keep your lawn hydrated – why let pests destroy what we’ve worked so keep alive? The following article by Jill from Hip Homeschool Moms will help you keep those pesky bothers out of your garden!

“Planting a garden is rewarding work, as long as you can keep the pests from getting to the plants before you do!

Dr. Sprinkler Repair Herbs 1

There’s nothing more frustrating to gardeners than animals or insects that destroy the plants they’ve labored to grow. I’m sure we’ve all been there: soil testing, careful planting, weeding and watering, but instead of enjoying fruit from our labors, garden pests can destroy the plants one by one. Toxic insect sprays are not the only answer to maintaining a bug-free garden. I prefer to take a more natural approach to the problem by mixing herbs that will repel the insects in with the vegetables.

Planting herbs and vegetables that compliment each other together is what we call companion planting. When paired correctly, herbs can repel insects that would otherwise destroy the nearby plant. Here’s a list of 10 herbs that repel garden pests.

  • Basil repels mosquitoes, carrot fly, white fly, asparagus beetles
  • Catnip repels ants, weevils, squash bugs, aphids, beetles, cockroaches
  • Chamomile repels flying insects
  • Chives repels aphids, beetles, carrot fly
  • Dill repels squash bugs, spider mites, aphids, tomato hornworm, cabbage looper, the Small White
  • Garlic repels aphids, beetles, carrot fly, rabbits
  • Nasturtiums repels white fly, squash bugs, aphids, beetles, cabbage looper
  • Oregano repels several pests
  • Parsley repels asparagus beetle
  • Thyme repels corn earworm, white fly, tomato hornworm, cabbage looper, and maggot

Dr. Sprinkler Repair Herbs 2

If you have your garden well under way this summer but find that pests are a problem for you, it’s not too late to do something about it! Many of these plants can be found at a local store or farmer’s market and planted next to the vegetables.”

Give Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Reno, NV) a call at (775) 387-0519 today!

Source: http://www.hiphomeschoolmoms.com/2014/07/10-herbs-that-repel-garden-pests/


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